Over the last 20 years, Chief Richard Lamai has graciously endowed people and communities in several ways. Emike Richard Lamai Foundation was established to organise and enhance that intervention in the area of education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, care for the elderly and community development where we have footprints through direct intervention, strategic collaboration and volunteer support.

Additionally, we have an affirmative commitment for youth and gender empowerment across indigent communities, and we work with development institutions and partners in the area of skills acquisition and training, cultural rebirth, welfare interventions and rehabilitation. The 2021 edition of Chief Richard Lamai Speaking Competition organized by AiS Creative Club is an example of this collaboration over the last 5 years.

We are excited about supporting young people and communities across Edo State, Lagos and Ogun States, and across the entire Niger Delta region. We believe young people deserve a nurturing environment to reach their full potentials, and we are focused on making that possible through our actions and efforts everyday.